I spent quite some time thinking about whether or not I’d choose to reveal my identity on this blog.  Though many may know who I am, I am choosing not to disclose my identity.

My reasons are multifold.

First, I wish to explore situations that will increase my vulnerability organically within my community.  As this blog and movement grows, I do not wish for people to know who I am, if I am at an event for the purpose of self-discovery and stretching those vulnerability muscles.

Secondly, as time goes on, I may be blogging about situations that I encounter in my local circle, with permission from the persons involved.  As such, I also wish to allow THEM to choose how much anonymity they choose to have in their own stories.

And finally, though this journey is for me, it also is for others to take as their own.  By removing as many identifying places/people I can focus more on the experiences.  I hope that this will help the readers see more of the nuances than just the details.  I will add those details when it feels relevant.

If you do know me in real life, I ask that you please do not reveal my identity here or on the Facebook Page.  This will help guard the experiences on this undoubtedly interesting, and perhaps somewhat uncomfortable journey to self-discovery and growth.


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