Day One.

The past few weeks have been full of full of various brave women pursuing and disclosing their truth, and pastors (or their congregations) defending their reputations.

Something to remember during this time is how difficult it is for women to disclose abuse.  Rarely is there a motive to stand up with shaking voice and say #metoo. Especially knowing that every single woman who discloses will go through a twitter war from people still behind the aggressor.  Take for instance the first main case, Jules Woodson.  There are so many people still involved with HighPoint that are going to the ground behind Andy Savage (who has subsequently taken a leave of absence, been scrubbed from most media, and who’s original supervisor during the incident has resigned and affirmed the severity of the assault.)

One would expect that Savage would step up and tell his flock to stop sending threatening messages (one such message was wanting to smash supporters of Woodson in the head with a hammer.)

I’ve started writing my book this week.  My thoughts are heavy as I start to really dive into the depths of Church in Rape Culture America.


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